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The human body is more powerful than you have been allowed to believe.



Origin Chiropractic exists for one purpose: to elevate the expression of life in our community by showing that true health originates within the body. We are committed to providing families with the absolute highest quality of care by combining principled chiropractic with the newest technology. We look to raise the understanding of health and wellness to a level that allows our members to live a life that is harmonious with their own desires. 


A healthy, thriving community filled with families that know the healing power of the body and understand that true health does not come from the outside but originates within.


To bring health and wellness back to the forefront of society, one practice member at a time, by providing the absolute highest quality of care possible.


To connect and serve families from an abundance of love and compassion by unleashing the potential of the human body with the Chiropractic Adjustment.

What To Expect

Before First Visit

After you have scheduled your first and second visits, we will send you paperwork to fill out before your first visit. Be sure to fill this out in it's entirety and remember to be thorough as this will be the starting point for setting up your health goals.

First Visit

Your first visit is our chance to sit down with you face to face and dive into your health needs and goals. We will work to connect and dig deep into any concerns you may have about the current state of your health. After the face to face consultation, we will perform a thorough neuro-spinal assessment with a head to toe physical examination. By utilizing our State-Of-The-Art CLA Insight Scanning Technology, we will be able to really dive into the needs of your nervous system and pin-point challenged areas. After the first visit, Dr. Reily will take all of the information he has gathered and form a personalized care plan based on your needs and goals.

Second Visit

The second visit will bring you back for a report with Dr. Reily where he will discuss your findings and your individualized plan. This visit is where your journey to a new state of health will begin. At the conclusion of this visit will be your first chance to get adjusted.

What To Expect

"The first chiropractor I have ever been to who listened and cared about finding the source of the problem. They are so friendly and warm it couldn't feel less like visiting a doctor and more like just seeing friends when you walk in!"

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